Why should Master-planners use LUA?

Master-planners are like Urban Designers, both of them are expected to carry out layer upon layer of multiple tasks to achieve compliant and sustainable Master-plans. Carrying out this work is complex as some of the aims and objectives are competing with one another. Within this maelstrom of expectations optimising daylight and sunlight for buildings sometimes struggles to get a look-in, especially if it is deemed as too compromising, expensive and time consuming. LUA has been developed specifically to deal with this issue and provides a quick and accurate snapshot of how daylight and sunlight is affected by buildings such as occlusion and shadows and the impact upon the buildings themselves, VSC, ADF, No sky line and APSH.

LUA is therefore an essential tool for Master-planning and will when used correctly create better Master-plans with good daylight and sunlight access.

In addition to the above, LUA when used correctly will provide energy savings for buildings by optimising their layout so that optimal levels of daylight and sunlight are available for solar gain, reducing both artificial lighting and heating energy.