Why should Architects use LUA?

Architects are concientious professionals, they want to design the best buildings for their clients and for themselves, this is something that the creators of LUA have been thinking about since the beginning of its development.

Until now certain aspects of design for daylight and sunlight have been seen as desirable not essential, complex and time consuming to deal with and have been applied in an ad hoc way, that is to say that it has been an inconsistent practice within Architecture and by its ultimate auditors, Development Control officers. Certain local planning policies and practices require daylight and sunlight design modelling to be adhered to and good practice guides such as BR209 complied with, others don’t.

Methods employed to deal with these design issues are varied and software exists that assist in verifying results, however, LUA has been developed to make this a lot easier and faster and to provide a single software vehicle for VSC, ADF APSH and No Sky Line. We believe that for Architects who are working in 3D, LUA software enables them to design better buildings that comply with good practice for daylight and sunlight easily and more quickly than previous methods have allowed.