Why is LightUp Analytics needed?

The creators of LUA are on a mission, to turn daylight and sunlight into hard measureable parameters that can withstand scrutiny at all levels. For too long we have not been able to easily quantify and quickly measure the impacts of daylight and sunlight upon and within buildings in real time with accuracy. LUA provides an affordable solution that does just this.

As we move towards a low carbon future the positive energetic benefits of daylight and sunlight are becoming ever more important. Sunlight provides solar gain to our buildings and drives down the artificial heating energy needed and daylight reduces our need for artificial lighting. Both of these factors reduce our CO2 emissions.

Additionally there are health and wellbeing benefits with good daylight and sunlight levels improving peoples health and happiness.

We are convinced that these benefits are going to become ever more important in designing the places where we live, work and play and, in a very short time, will become an integral part of building performance assessment.