Common questions answered


Where are the support pages?


The support pages and forums are 'product specific'.

Simply login and you will, both, be able to browse and engage with other users who have bought the same product.  If you have purchased multiple products, the support menu will drop-down to show you each support option you have access to.

If you have purchased a specialist support package, then - again - login and the support menu will be visible.


Will additional features be developed


LightUp Analytics is committed to delivering cutting edge tools.
This requires a continual research and development commitment.

It is worth noting that ALL updates and additional features are provided free for LUA, as part of LUA's annual licence.

We are already planning additional features for LUA, including;

  • Annual Probable Sunlight Factors (APSH)
  • Irradiance Factors
  • Intelligent Windows - providing solar gain information in various formats
  • Tree objects that allow assessment of the diurnal tree canopy changes.

If there are measures that you feel should be implemented sooner, do let us know using the contact button below.  Let us see what we can do to keep your projects at the cutting edge!

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