sky factor


No Sky Line

LUA calculates the No Sky Line. When 3D .skp models include internal room layouts it is possible to calculate the No Sky Line.

The No Sky Line shows the impact of daylighting within an internal room, it creates a line that shows the areas of the room that do not see the sky and those that do, in effect, a division line. The line however is not at floor level it needs to reflect a horizontal working plane depending on what the building is to be used for:

– housing – 0.85m above finished floor level
– commercial – 0.7m above finished floor level

Different working plane heights may be needed for other specialist buildings.

Daylighting can be adversely affected if the area of the working plane in a room that can receive direct sunlight is reduced by more than 0.8 times its former value.

LightUp Analytics Sky Factor has been assessed against CIE 171 [Mean variance 0.08%]